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Diabetes and Obesity linked to 800,000 cancer cases each year

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Diabetes and Obesity linked to 800,000 cancer cases each year

Diabetes and Obesity are directly linked to almost 800,000 newly diagnosed cancers according to a new study. Researchers from Imperial College London found that the two conditions accounted for nearly 6% of new global cancer cases.

Based on current trends on the increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with the life-style related conditions, the research team has warned that the number of cancers attributable to the two conditions will rise by more than 30 per cent in women and 20 per cent in men by 2035.

Lead researcher Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, said: “While obesity has been associated with cancer for some time, the link between diabetes and cancer has only been established quite recently.

“Our study shows that diabetes, either on its own or combined with being overweight, is responsible for hundreds of thousands of cancer cases each year across the world.”

Data was gathered from 175 countries in 2012 and rates of 12 different types of cancer were analysed.

Dr Pearson-Stuttard added: “Both clinical and public health efforts should focus on identifying effective preventive, control and screening measures to structurally alter our environment, such as increasing the availability and affordability of healthy foods, and reducing the consumption of unhealthy foods.

“It is vital that co-ordinated polices are implemented to tackle the shared risk factors and complications of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.”

Obesity was responsible for 544,300 cases, almost twice the number as diabetes accounting for 280,100 cases. For women, breast cancer and endometrial cancer had the strongest link with diabetes and obesity. With Men liver cancer was the most common cancer linked with the metabolic disorder and high BMI.